Little Triangle sold more than 50 thousand copies on China’s WeGame PC platform during Early Access, and is coming to Switch globally for a bigger success.

Little Triangle is a game that we created from Shanghai. It provides the most complete 2D platformer experience. Single player (two difficulty levels with a lot of secretes and Easter Eggs), 2-4 local Co-Op and Duck Game like 2-4 local battle mode are all in one! On May 4, 2017, the game started Early Access on Tencent’s PC platform, WeGame, with single player content.

It sold more than 50K copies since then with a recommendation rate of about 94%. For the first five weeks it sold about 30K copies. On Steam, the Early Access version sold more than 10K copies in China and the recommendation rate is even a bit higher.

With the game industry becoming more and more industry it is is very important for us to launch on more platforms to lower our risk and achieve a bigger success. It is also great that we get a lot of feedback from early players, which helped a lot for us to polish the game.

The game has started pre-order on Switch and is to officially release on Switch globally with all the content on March 1st.

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Welcome to our site. Little Triangle is a game in development. It is now on steam for Early Access with about 50% of content completed.

We are to showcase the title at GDC 2017 at the lobby bar of south hall. It is an ID@Xbox game and hope you like it!

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